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2019 Luncheon Photos

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Dr. Neha Sangwan

Dr. Neha Sangwan and Todd Shaver.
Mayoral Candidates

Four Mayoral Candidates.
From left Michael Kinsley, Moderator, Ann Mullins, Torre, Adam Frisch, Cale Mitchell
2.6.19.  Photo provided by Anna Stonehouse

2018 Luncheon Photos


Dr. Miller, Dr. Feinsinger, Dr. Scheuer, and Todd Shaver

Jim Light and Jim Chaffin

Jim Light, Todd Shaver, and Jim Chaffin

Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips (Turner Endangered Species Fund) and Todd Shaver

2017 Luncheon Photos

Todd Shaver and Mead Metcalf

Todd Shaver and Mead Metcalf (Owner of The Crystal Palace for 51 years)
Mead Metcalf

Mead Metcalf at the Piano
Todd Shaver and Chris Warner

Todd Shaver and Chris Warner

David Bonderman

Todd Shaver and David Bonderman

Elaine Pagels

Todd Shaver and Elaine Pagels

Doc Eason

Todd Shaver and Doc Eason

Nicholas Versey

Nicholas Vesey, Minister of The Aspen Chapel

2016 Luncheon Photos

Bill Coleman

Phil Quartarao

Max Langstaff, Phil Quartarao and Jim Fifield


Paige Price

Lisa Baker Michelle Rosenfeld Paige Price

Todd Shaver and Bill Coleman

Todd Shaver and Ph
il Quartarao

Max Langstaff, Phil Quartarao and Jim Fifield

Todd Shaver and JudyRegensteiner

Todd Shaver and Paige Price

Lisa Baker, Michelle Rosenfeld, Paige Price


2015 Luncheon Photos

Jack Brendlinger

John McBride

Todd Shaver, Jack Brendlinger,
Aspen Hall of Famer Master Story-Teller

John McBride
Bill Browder

Todd Shaver and Bill Browder.  Bill is the author of Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice.

John Kedrowski and Todd Shaver

Todd Shaver and Jon Kedrowski.  Jon is just back from climbing Everest and running into the earthquake that killed 10 people in Base Camp.

Tom Korologos

Tom Korologos, former Ambassador to Belgium under President George W. Bush.


2014 Luncheon Photos

Chris Klug

Chris Klug
Chris Klug, Founder and Chairman of the Chris Klug Foundation gave a talk on Living Life To The Fullest.  Chris has raised over $2 million in the last 11 years of his charity Summit for Life.  122,000 people are on the organ transplant list and every day 19 people die waiting for an organ transplant.  Chris helped pioneer the sport of snowboarding and has participated in its progress the past 30+ years.  And now he is giving back..

Rick Balentine
Rick Balentine and Todd Shaver at the October 1st Aspen Business Luncheon.  Rick is the Fire Chief and CEO of Aspen Volunteer Fire Department.
Shawn Hunter

Shawn Hunter, co-chairman and CEO of the USA Pro Challenge, discusses a variety of aspects of the race and impacts it has in Aspen and all of Colorado, during the Aspen Business Luncheon at the Mountain Chalet on Wednesday, August 13, 2014. .
Click here to view the Aspen Daily News article.
Todd Shaver with Governor John Hickenlooper Todd Shaver with Governor John Hickenlooper.  Gov. John Hickenlooper brought his casual style of public speaking to the July 2nd Aspen Business Luncheon at Harris Hall on the Aspen Meadows campus.
Click here to view The Aspen Times article.


2013 Luncheon Photos

Hugh Zuker

Mountain Rescue Aspen President Hugh Zuker speaks at the Hotel Jerome during the weekly Aspen Business Luncheon.  12/5/13

Click here to view the Aspen Daily News article.

Bill Tomcich

Bill Tomcich, president of Stay Aspen Snowmass, speaks at the Hotel Jerome on Wednesday afternoon during a presentation at the weekly Aspen Business Luncheon. Tomcich was joined by Aspen Skiing Co. vice president of marketing Christian Knapp (not pictured) for a discussion on the future of the airline industry in Aspen.  11/27/13

Harvey Mackay

Todd Shaver with best-selling author and business adviser Harvey Mackay at the Aspen Business Luncheon.

Walter Stapleton

Todd Shaver with Walker Stapleton, the Treasurer of Colorado.  Walker spoke about Colorado's Economic future at the July 3rd Aspen Business Luncheon. 


2012 Luncheon Photos

Madeleine Albright
Andre Salvail/The Aspen Times

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright answers a question Thursday posed by Todd Shaver, producer of the weekly Aspen Business Luncheon. The event took place at the Aspen District Theatre in the schools complex off Maroon Creek Road. 

Click Here to view The Aspen Times article.

From July 25, 2012:  A billionaire giving away all his money. 

Denny Sanford

At Wednesday's Aspen Business Luncheon at the Sky Hotel, more than 100 people crammed into a small dining room to hear T. Denny Sanford, 76. He's the chairman and CEO of South Dakota-based United National Corp., the holding company for subprime credit-card providers First Premier Bank and Premier Bankcard.  more.....

From June 13, 2012:  Meet the Candidates

Candidates - Pitkin County Board of Commissioners
Photo by Chris Council/Aspen Daily News

Candidates for an open seat on the Pitkin County Board of Commissioners respond to a question with a show of hands Wednesday afternoon at the Hotel Jerome. They were taking part in a debate sponsored by the Aspen Business Luncheon. Seated from left to right: John Young, Darryl Grob, Steve Child and John Wilkinson.

Click Here to view Aspen Daily News article.

2011 Luncheon Photos

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From December 14, 2011:  Stein Eriksen celebrated his 84th birthday with more than 200 friends and admirers in attendance.

Stein Eriksen

From November 30, 2011:  Neal Beidleman and Chris Davenport

Neal Beidleman and Chris Davenport 

From January 19, 2011:  Dr. Robert Eckel Luncheon

Dr. Robert Eckel and Todd Shaver 
Dr. Robert Eckel & Todd

From January 12, 2011:  Klaus Obermeyer Luncheon

Terry Hale, Klaus Obermeyer, Todd Shaver                                 Klaus Obermeyer and Todd Shaver
Terry Hale, Klaus Obermeyer & Todd       Klaus & Todd

From January 5, 2011:  Mike Marolt Luncheon

Mike Marolt
   Mike & Todd

2010 Luncheon Photos

From December 29th:  Harvey Mackey Luncheon

Harvey Mackey Luncheon      Harvey Mackey and Todd Shaver
  Hotel Jerome        Harvey & Todd

From December 1st: Peter McBride and Jonathan Waterman Luncheon

Peter McBride, Jonathan Waterman, Todd Shaver       Laurie and David       Peter McBride and Jonathan Waterman       December 1, 2010 Aspen Business Luncheon
Peter, Todd & Jon     Laurie & David          Peter & John

Marie, Karen, Kevin       Peter McBride and Jonathan Waterman       Kimberly and Ron       December 1, 2010 Aspen Business Luncheon
Marie, Karen & Kevin   Peter & Jon           Kimberly & Ron

Aspen Business Luncheon-St. Regis       John Oates - Aspen Business Luncheon       Terry Hale and Todd Shaver       State Senator Gail Schwartz and Bob Rankin
   St. Regis                John Oates        Terry Hale & Todd      State Senator
                                                                                        Gail Schwartz &
                                                                                        Bob Rankin

Auden Schendler and Todd Shaver
Auden Schendler
      & Todd




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