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2019 Luncheon Archives


08/14  DAVE RESSLER:  Aspen Valley Hospital CEO - Hospital for Special Surgery

08/08  BOB MORRIS:  Wine Tasting Special Event

07/17  HOW NOT TO DIE:  Preventing, Arresting, and Reversing Our Top 15 Killers - A SCREENING OF THE MOVIE

07/10  TIM WILLOUGHBY:  An Aspen native whose family dates back to the 1880s

04/03  DR. JOEL FUHRMAN:  Author of the NY Times best-seller EAT TO LIVE

03/13  BILL GUSTOFF:  “Deathstyles” of the Rich and Famous: Lessons from High Profile Estates

02/20  DR. ALAN ALTMAN & DR. ABRHAM MORGENTALKER:  Two Doctors Discussing Male and Female Issues

02/13  The Four City Council Candidates Moderated by Brent Gardner-Smith:  Bert Myrin, Linda Manning, Rachel Richards, Skippy Mesirow

02/06  The Four Mayoral Candidates Moderated by John SarpaAnn Mullins, Adam Frisch, Cale Mitchell, Torre

01/30  JORDAN SARICK and DWAYNE ROMERO:   Two Huge Snowmass Developers

01/09  DAVID RESSLER, CEO:  Aspen Valley Hospital

2018 Luncheon Archives

12/12  DR. RICHARD SCHULICK:  Head of Surgery at Anschutz Medical Campus

11/30  JERRY MURDOCK:  The Art of Decision Making

10/17  GINA MURDOCK:  Women in Leadership

10/10  TODD MUSSELMAN:  Half Day Seminar

09/12  A Fabulous Panel of Stock Market Experts:  SCOTT COURTS, GEORGE GRACIS, and SHELLY FRIEDSTEIN

09/05  DAVID B. HELLMANN, M.D., M.A.C.P., JEREMY D. WALSTON, M.D.:  Healthy Aging: New Secrets and Insights

08/01  Local Aspen Doctors:  KIM SCHEUER, GREG FEINSINGER, CHRISTINA MILLER:  The  Amazing Power of Food and Lifestyle in the Prevention and Treatment of Disease

07/25  ASCENDIGO AUTISM SERVICES:  Elevating the Roaring Fork Valley into a World-Class Community for People with Autism

07/18  DR. RICHARD D. ZANE:  University of Colorado Anschutz Campus

07/11  JIM LIGHT and JIM CHAFFIN :  Stories of Snowmass Community Development!

07/06  HERB SILVERSTEIN:  Silverstein Institute:  All About Hearing!

06/20  MICHAEL PHILLIPS:  Wolf Restoration to Colorado:  An Arch Stone for Wild Nature

05/23  KLAUS OBERMEYER:  Entrepreneur Showcase

04/04  DR. JOEL FUHRMAN:  Eat To Live


03/21  DR. JASON STONEBACK:  Saving Limbs, Restoring Lives

03/14  CHRIS LANE, CEO:  Aspen Center For Environmental Studies

02/28  GREG LEWIS:  Two-time EMMY honoree, Sports commentator for 30 years for NBC, CBS, ESPN, Turner and HBO.

02/08  A SPECIAL FIRESIDE CHAT:  Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Joshua Finkleman, will be presenting.  This event was completely FREE, with wine, beer and hors d'oeuvres.

01/31  2018 REAL ESTATE REVIEW:  Andrew Ernemann and John Sarpa

01/18  TODD MUSSELMAN:  All Day Seminar

2017 Luncheon Archives

12/20  STANLEY D. GERTZBEIN, M.D:  The Spine Institute Aspen and Basalt

12/13  ASPEN CRYPTO CLUB:  Stories from the Crypt. (Cryptocurrencies). Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, ICOs and more

12/06  DR. HUNTINGTON POTTER:  Developing a Cure for Alzheimer’s Improving Care and Pursuing Cures at the Colorado University Anschutz Medical Campus

11/29  DICK DURRANCE:  A Soldier's Story

10/11  CRYPTOCURRENCIES:  Roundtable Discussion

10/04  MAX LANGSTAFF with an audio and visual history of The Beatles!

09.27  MEAD METCALF:  Owner of The Crystal Palace for 51 years

09/21 Todd Musselman Seminar

09/17  David Rubenstein:  Chairman of the Board of The Kennedy Center

08/23  THE VALUE OF OUR RIVERS:  Rick Lofaro, Craig Mackey, Pete Yang, and Marianne Virgili

08/16  2017 Stock Market Symposium:  Shelly Friedstein of Goldman Sachs, George Gracis of Morgan Stanley, Ralph Wanger, founder of the Acorn Fund of companies

08/09  Dr. Carrie Besnette Hauser, Ph.D. President & CEO Colorado Mountain College and Ann Korologos
Former US Secretary of Labor

08/02  Chris Warner:  Mountaineer, Businessman, Leader, Teacher, Fabulous Speaker

07/26  A Panel Discussion: Four Former United States Ambassadors -
Stuart Bernstein, former Ambassador to Denmark, John Palmer, former Ambassador to Portugal, William J. Cabaniss, former Ambassador to Czech Republic, and Joseph Gildenhorn, former Ambassador to Switzerland.  Moderated by Stuart Bernstein

07/19  Dr. William Silvers:  The University Colorado School of Medicine -  All about Allergies

07/06  David Bonderman

06/21  Elaine Pagels:  Professor of Religion at Princeton University

06/14  Doc Eason:  The Magic of Doc Eason

04/12  The Six Candidates for Aspen City Council:  Skippy Mesirow, Ann Mullins, Torre, Art Daily, Susan Tatem, and Warren Hauenstein

04/05  John Kinney, Director Aspen Pitkin County Airport

03/29  Mike Marolt:  He has climbed Everest and skied down, while filming the exploits.

03/22  Wilderness Workshop: Will Roush Conservation Director

03/08  Aspen Historical Society:  The History of Ski Racing in Aspen

03/01  David Ressler, CEO of Aspen Valley Hospital and Ross Brooks, CEO Mountain Valley Health

02/23  Nicholas Vesey New Minister at Aspen Chapel

02/15  An Aspen Roundtable Discussion

02/08  Joe Kistner:  The Kistner Institute.  The Agony of the Feet

01/25  MAC SMITH:  Aspen Highlands Ski Patrol Director

01/04  JUSTIN LEONARD:  Winner of the 1997 Open Championship, as well as the 1998 Players Championship.

2016 Luncheon Archives

12/28  Bill Coleman:  CEO of Veritas Technologies Bill has seen it all, from the days of Yahoo and AOL to today's world of Facebook and Google.

12/21  A Conversation with JOSHUA SASLOVE of Douglas Elliman.  Stories of the biggest real estate deals in Aspen's history.  Joshua has been there.

12/14  A Workshop Blood or Damage:  How to Deflect Minutia.   How to Focus on the Big Stuff and How to Protect Yourself from Constant Interruption in a 24/7 World

12/08  DAWN SHEPARD:  Certified Personal Trainer - Learn How To Activate Your Butt, Breath Deeply, and Make Your Back Feel Much Better

11/30  Phil Quartararo  Why the Record Industry Crashed, and the Music Industry Has Never Been Bigger.  Interviewed by Max Lanstaff.

11/16  Jeff Posey:  CEO and Founder of Genesis Capital Ventures

10/28  Goldie Hawn:  Helping Kids Thrive. How Mind UP works.

09/21  Todd Musselman returned to Aspen for an all-day seminar

09/14  Anne Grice, Debra Browne, Taline Isberian and Gordon Keating:  Creating Beautiful Spaces with Art and Design.

09/08  Dr. David LeonardiProvided information that you can begin to use immediately to improve health and gain protection against the age-related diseases like heart disease, cancer, dementia (including Alzheimer’s), obesity, diabetes, stroke, osteoporosis and Parkinson’s.

08/31  Clint Philips:  How technology is changing everything we know about healthcare

08/24  Larry Gellman:  Managing Director-Private Wealth Management with 35 years of experience on Wall Street

08/17  Judy Regensteiner, Ph.D., Professor of Medicine:  The Judith and Joseph Wagner Chair in Women’s Health Research

08/10  Jeffrey Friedland:  MARIJUANA: The World’s Most Misunderstood Plant

08/03  Dennis Ratner:  Founder of Hair Cuttery

07/27  David Kudish Kudish Family Office, Aspen & Miami and Ronen Schwartzman - Ten Capital Advisors, New York

07/20  Edgell Pyles:  Love and Money in Marriage, Family, and Business

07/13  Dr. Andrew Turchin:  Creating and Keeping Smiles Beautiful

07/07  John Phelan Co-Founder and Co-Managing Partner MSD Capital, L.P.

06/22  Paige Price:  Executive Artistic Director, Theatre Aspen

04/13  Roundtable Discussion Business Brainstorming Luncheon

04/06  Todd Musselman:  Creating Powerful Results... One Conversation at a Time

03/30  Mark Raphaely, Director State of Colorado: NO LABELS

03/23  Michael N. Brown, DC, MD:  Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy

03/09 Mayor Steve Skadron:  A Progress Report on City Goals with the Mayor

03/02  Phil Verleger, PKVerleger LLC

02/18  Andrew Ernemann & Lex Tarumianz of Aspen Snowmass Sotheby's International Realty: Aspen/Snowmass Annual Real Estate Overview

02/10  Dr. Leelee von Stade: What's New in Joint Replacement; What's New with Orthopedics at Aspen Valley Hospital

01/27  Joshua B. Siegel General PartnerRubicon Venture Capital - NYC

01/13  Nello Owner and Executive Chef of Nello Aspen

2015 Luncheon Archives

12/23  Robert Chapman Chairman of the Board & CEO Barry-Wehmiller Companies

12/09  Jeff Gorsuch was here to talk about his project for the 1A side of town. Jim DeFrancia joined him.

12/02  Jack Brendlinger Aspen Hall of Famer Master Story-Teller

11/18  A Panel Discussion Moderated by Bill Stirling

10/28  A Roundtable Discussion Moderated by Todd Shaver

10/21  Tamara Tormohlen Executive Director of Aspen Community Foundation and John Bennett a former mayor of Aspen

10/14  Mark Hunt and Dwayne Romero vs. Maurice Emmer and Ward Hauenstein:  The Great Debate on Base 2, Steve Wickes Moderator
View the Aspen Daily News article here.

9/23  Dr. Herbert Silverstein:  You Don't Have to be Deaf or Dizzy

09/16  Elaine Gerson:  Chief Clinical Officer/General Counsel, Aspen Valley Hospital

09/02  Jim Ehrlich:  A Specialist in Heart Disease

08/26  Aaron Fleck:  The real story of Wall Street from an insider's Insider

08/19  Max Langstaff who has worked with Sir George Martin of the Beatles, and John Denver, among others.

08/12  Bill Browder:  Author of Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice.

08/05  Fred Malek:  Former head of Marriott Hotels; former CEO of Northwest Airlines; current head of the Republican Governors Association.

07/24  Steven Kotler: Author of The Rise of Superman and a host of other publications

07/22  Lynda Resnick:  Co-owner of the multi-billion dollar The Wonderful Company

07/15  Jon Medved, CEO of Our Crowd:  Free Cocktail Event

07/08  Chris Mohr Classical Radio Announcer

07/01  The Legends of Aspen Community Foundation

06/24  Jim Horowitz:  Jazz Aspen - 25th year anniversary.

06/17  Jon Kedrowski:  Just back from climbing Everest, and running into the earthquake that killed 10 people in Base Camp

06/10  The Three Aspen Pilots.

06/03  Marcia Johnson, Executive Director of the Forest Conservancy since 2003.  Scott Fitzwilliams, Forest Supervisor of the 2.4 million acre White River National Forest since August 2009.

05/27  Debate between Bert Myrin and Mick Ireland Moderated by former Mayor Bill Stirling

05/06  Patsy Barnes:  What You Don't Know and Don't Know You Don't Know about Making Medical Decisions and the Disease of Dementia.

04/30  The Aspen Solutions Round Table

04/15  The Aspen Solutions Roundtable:  A Roundtable Discussion

04/08  Chris Gates, Managing Director JP Morgan Securities:  Without Integrity, Nothing Works

04/01  Dr. Michael Seidman:  Director of the Division of Otologic/Neurotologic Surgery in the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Henry Ford Health System, Detroit.

03/25  Neal Shear:  Morgan Stanley

03/18   Peter Wallison: Hidden in Plain Sight: What Caused the World's Worst Financial Crisis and Why It Can Happen Again

03/11  The Business of Art in Aspen: Albert Sanford from Galerie Maximilian; David Floria from Quintenz Gallery; Tania Dibbs from Tania Dibbs Gallery

03/04  A Conversation With Tom Korologos, former Ambassador to Belgium under President George W. Bush

02/25  Jim Calaway:  Living Modestly:  The Key to a Happy Successful Life for an Entrepreneur.

02/19  Dr. Robert Baker:  Executive Director of Heritage Park Care Center

02/12  Dr. Peter Fodor:  Changing Aspects of Beauty Over the Centuries

02/05  Dr. George Hamor:  The Whole Story on SLEEP APNEA

01/22  Paul Andersen with Adam McCabe:  Huts for Vets

01/14  Rabbi Mendel Mintz:  The Story Behind Chabad Jewish Community Center

01/08  Dr. Naresh Mandava of the University of Colorado Eye Center at the Anschutz Medical Campus

2014 Luncheon Archives

12/24  Ken Adelman Regan Bests Gorbechev at Reykjavik

12/17  Mike Kaplan, CEO of Aspen Skiing Company

12/10  A Conversation With Yale Galanter

12/03  Chris Klug:  To The Edge and Back

11/05  A Roundtable Discussion:  Moderated by Todd Shaver

10/29  A Roundtable Discussion:  Moderated by Todd Shaver

10/22  Aspen Valley Hospital's NEW SURGEONS:  Dr. Les Fraser, General Surgeon
Dr. Joe Livengood,
Trauma Medical Director, Aspen Valley Hospital General Surgeon

10/15  The Aspen Institute:  Sharing Ideas Year Round

10/08  A Roundtable Discussion

The Fire/Rescue Service in Aspen:  The 19th to the 21st Century

09/26  Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson:  The latest from the Aspen Art Museum.

09/17  Dr. Gene Seymour, CEO of NanoViricides:  How to protect you and your family from the EBOLA virus.

09/10  A conversation with Michael Fitzpatrick.  Michael is the recipient of The Prince Charles Award For Musical Excellence conferred by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

09/05 - Andrew Ernemann and Lex Tarumianz of Aspen/Snowmass Sotheby's with their Aspen/Snowmass Annual Real Estate Overview  View The Aspen Business Journal article here.

08/27 - Dr. Wyatt Decker, CEO of Mayo Clinic and Dan Bonk, CEO of Aspen Valley Hospital.

08/20 - Adityo Prakash Chief Executive Officer, Verseon Corporation Live Long and Prosper.
Engineered Medicines That Will Help You and Your Loved Ones Live Longer and Healthier Lives

08/13 - Moments of Truth:  The Underlying Philosophy of the USA Pro Challenge with Shawn Hunter, Co-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer View The Aspen Daily News article here.

08/10 - Forrest Sawyer:  A special event in connection with American Renewable Energy Day at the Jerome.

07/30 - VALLEY VIEW HOSPITAL:  Comprehensive Spine Care for a Transformed Life with Valley View’s Dr. David Miller, Neurosurgeon

07/23 - We had the CEO of CRAIG HOSPITAL, the finest rehabilitation hospital in America

07/16 - GEORGE STRANAHAN.  A Long Time Local.  His Life, His Stories.

07/09 - Doug Casey.  The Catastrophic Meltdown of the World’s Economy

07/02 - Governor John Hickenlooper at Harris Hall  View The Aspen Times article here.

06/25 - Alan Fletcher of The Aspen Music Festival and School

06/19 - John P. Calamos, Sr.  Global Market and Economic Outlook

03/26 - Casey Sheahan, the man who ran Patagonia for the last seven years.

03/19 - Dr. Jason Martin, plastic surgeon.  The Business of Beauty: How to Look the Age You Feel

03/12 - Police Chief Richard Pryor. With all the wild news in Aspen lately, this one will be fabulous.  View Aspen Daily News article here.

03/05 - Remember the Tooth Fairy?  It’s Big Business With a Social Cause

02/26 - The Economics of Fighting Poverty - Susie and Joe Krabacher.

02/20 - Mike Marolt Skiing the Mountains of CHINA
Mike and his twin brother Steve are just back from China climbing some super high peaks.

02/12 - Aspen-Snowmass Market Overview:  2013 Year End Review and a Look Ahead at 2014

02/07 - Al Barqawi, MD, FRCS. He is an Associate clinical Professor and Lecturer in the Division of Urology at University of Colorado Health Science Center: Prostate Cancer Update and Future Trend.

01/29 - Richard D. Schulick, MD, MBA, FACS, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus | Department of Surgery. Pancreatic Cancer: Are We Making Progress?

01/23 - Dr. Dennis Cirillo.  “How to Maximize your Health Care Access and Delivery”

01/15 - Dr. Robert Vogel, a preventive cardiologist at the University of Colorado Denver, where he is a Clinical Professor of Medicine

01/08 - Dr. Andrew Turchin, Dentist, on how to create and protect your million-dollar smile.

01/03 - David A. Stockman, Economic Policy Maker, Politician, and Financier View The Aspen Times article here.

2013 Luncheon Archives

12/18 - Dr. Barry Mink, Board Member of Aspen Valley Hospital and John Sarpa, CEO of Aspen Valley Hospital.

12/11 - Dr. Naresh Mandava, Chair of the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

12/05 - Hugh Zuker, President Mountain Rescue Aspen Who’s Got Your Back in the Back Country?  View Aspen Daily News article here.

11/27 - Bill Tomcich and Christian Knapp of The Aspen Skiing Company.  All things airlines and all things social media.  View Aspen Daily News article here.

11/20 - William T. Phillips, Esquire BANKRUPTCY: BUSTING THE MYTH

11/13 - Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo

11/06 - Decorated Air Force Combat Veteran Kari Granger

09/25 - The Thompson Divide: Protecting a Key Engine of the Roaring Fork Valley's Economy 
Zane Kessler, Will Rousch, Jeff Bier.


09/05 - Bobby Mason and Bryan Savage telling their stories and playing their tunes!

08/28 - A CONVERSATION WITH LAURA WERLIN, THE CHEESE LADY;  How eating and talking about cheese has made Laura Werlin a living but hasn't made her fat (yet)!

08/21 - Dr. Keith Stewart of MAYO CLINIC in Scottsdale.  Your Genome and Your Health

08/15 - General Wesley Clark and Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn
Rocky Mountain Institute's Founder Amory Lovins; in a panel discussion:  "Renewable Energy and National Security." 
Chip Comins, Moderator.

08/07 - Glenda Greenwald, founder of the Aspen Brain Forum:  All About the Brain:  Creative, Impaired, Healthy and Future.

07/31 - Three Psychiatrists; some powerful introspection into the human mind as to why we do the things we do.
Dr. Martin Manosevitz, Dr. Alan Nelson, Dr. Julie Anthony

07/24 - Arjun Gupta, founder of Telesoft Partners. TeleSoft provides value-added capital for technology, communications and energy value chain companies.

07/17 - Michael Fox, CEO of The Aspen Club will be here with his staff to discuss the big changes afoot at the Club

07/10 - Chris Lane, CEO for Aspen Center for Environmental Studies.

07/03 - Walker Stapleton, Treasurer of Colorado.  View Aspen Daily News article here.

06/26 - Life - Leadership and Self.  William E. Mayer, Park Avenue Equity Partners

06/19 - EcoFlight, The Environmental Air Force - Giving the Land a Voice

05/01 - ALL of the candidates for Mayor and City Council.  Moderated by Steve Wickes

04/26 - Jon Peacock, County Manager of Pitkin County

04/17 - Aspen Professional Mentorship and Networking Program. Produced by Jill Teehan of The Aspen Democracy Initiative

04/10 - Ken Neubecker who will discuss the Trans Mountain diversions that take millions of gallons of our water

04/03 - Mac Cunningham of Cunningham Mortgage, and Scott Gordon, President of Alpine Bank of Aspen: The Brave New World of Mortgage Lending

03/29 - John. P. Calamos, Sr. Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Co-chief Investment Officer Calamos Investments

03/20 - ALL ABOUT TAXES:  Tony Nitti will discuss the recent “Fiscal Cliff” encounter and resulting changes in tax law.

03/13 - Sudden Death:  The story of why many in Aspen have died way too early

03/06 - Dr. Wyatt Decker, head of the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.

01/30 - The Aspen Board of Realtors: Aspen/Snowmass Real Estate Market Overview

01/23 - Dr. Robert Eckel from The University of Colorado

01/16 - Growing Up In Aspen - Three Ranchers look back on the fun and games of their youth.

01/09 - Aspen State Teachers College

01/03 - Bob Craig, Mountaineer Legend

2012 Luncheon Archives

12/19 - THE DRC BROWN FAMILY, interviewed by former Mayor Bill Stirling

12/12 - The Adventures and Misadventures of a Professional Writer.  A Conversation with Clifford Irving

12/05 - Business in Aspen:  It's All About Skiing

11/28 - It's All About Apple.  Apple Store owner and chief Geek, Sto Stines.

11/21 - Bob Beattie, in conversation with Mike Marolt.

11/14 - We kicked off the season with a presentation from Whole Foods!  Also Crystal River Meats, Alpine Avocado, In The Soup and Mrs. Barrs. 

09/19 - The Aspen Club - their two top trainers; one male, one female.  Come learn how they stay fit and how they help their clients maintain tip-top shape.

09/12 - The Changing American Audience and How Best To Reach It.

08/29 - Mining the Gap – Perspectives, Commitments and Spending Habits of the Millennial Generation - When Living Large is Living Small.

08/23 - Jerry Murdock, the co-founder and managing director of Insight Venture Partners, a leading global private equity and venture capital firm.

08/16 - Thomas Friedman, a New York Times columnist and best-selling author, will be speaking at the luncheon with the Rocky Mountain Institute's Amory Lovins.  Chip Comins, Moderator.  View Aspen Daily News article here.

08/09 - Secretary Madeleine Albright talked about all the hot spots in the world, including Europe, Syria, and China, among others.  View Aspen Times article here.

08/01 - Producing and Distributing Blockbuster Movies and Television Series.

07/25 - Denny Sanford, chairman and CEO of South Dakota-based United National Corp. -  When a former member of the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest people in America makes a public appearance in a place like Aspen — especially a man who has given away more than $800 million to various philanthropic causes — people are bound to turn out to hear him speak.  View Aspen Times article here.

07/18 - Three longtime Aspen lawyers, Art Daily, Ron Garfield and Joe Edwards reminisce and tell tall tales about Aspen in the 70s.

07/11 - Colorado Mountain College panel including President Stan Jensen; Aspen and Roaring Fork Campus VP Joe Maestas; Foundation CEO Matt Spencer; and faculty member Rick Johnson shared exciting happenings at CMC.

07/03 - Tam Dang, Chairman of Saigon Invest Group, one of the leading companies in Vietnam.
In Conversation with Marc Holtzman, former president of the University of Denver

06/27 - Sam Wyly, billionaire, "In Conversation with Bill Stirling," former Mayor of Aspen.
The highs and lows of a self-made billionaire

06/20 - Mead Metcalf - In Concert - Playing the Piano for an Hour!

06/13 - Meet the Candidates for Pitkin County Board of County Commissioners

06/07 - Chris Crowley Younger Next Year

04/11 - The Early Years:  Tales from the wonder years of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.  View Aspen Times article here.

04/4  Foundations For Change:  Aspen leaders helping our communities, at home and abroad.

03/28  Andy Mill - Andy had some stories to tell!  The growing years in Aspen

03/21  Dr. Ann Mass and Dr. Jim Ehrlich High Tech Personalized Medicine:  Breakthroughs in the Early Detection and Prevention of Disease

03/07 - Teddy Davis, Ventriloquist, Showbiz, Ventriloquism and the Cruise Industry

02/29 - Ryan Slabaugh - Editor of The Aspen Times

02/22 - Dr. Dave Jensen - Technology in Natural Healthcare for 2012 and Beyond

02/15 - Rikka Zimmerman - Author and Speaker

02/08 - Dick Butera - In Conversation with Scott Davidson

02/01 - Dr. Alan Altman - The Super Bowl of Sexuality, For men and women.

01/18 - Hydro Electric Generation - A Discussion The Pros and Cons  View Aspen Times article here.

01/11 - Dr. Kenton Bruice - The benefits of hormone replacement for both men and women.

01/04 - Aspen Women of Influence - Catherine Anne Provine, Executive Director - The Buddy Program
Laura Welch, Chief Development Officer - Foundation for Social Change
Kitty Boone, Director - Public Programs The Aspen Institute 
Moderated by Carolyne Heldman of CrossCurrents on Aspen Public Radio

2011 Luncheon Archives

12/28 - Richard Braddock - Entrepreneur, Private Equity Specialist

12/21 - Andrew Todd - Executive Director, Aspen Public Radio

12/14 - Stein Ericksen's 84th Birthday Celebration  View Aspen Times article here, and view Aspen Times Weekly article here.

12/07 - Dr. Gordon Gerson, Cardiologist

11/30 Neal Beidleman in Conversation with Chris Davenport
From Aspen to the Himalayas and Back 
View Aspen Times article here,  and view AspenSpin article here.

11/22 - Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club - Mark Cole, Executive Director

11/15 - Aspen Skico Executives - David Perry, Sr. Vice President, Mountain Division and Christian Knapp, Vice President Marketing

09/28 - Aspen Education Foundation Executive Director Helen Ward and Dr. John Maloy, Superintendent of Aspen School District

09/21 - Dick Durrance, Former Photographer for National Geographic

09/14 - Robyn Myler, Executive Director and Laura Thielen, Artistic Director -
The 33rd Aspen Filmfest

09/07 - Anderson Ranch Arts Center - Dr. Tom Pevny, Aspen Orthopedics
Orthopedics:  Past, Present and Future

09/01 - Anderson Ranch Arts Center - Barbara Bloemink, Executive Director; 
Why Does Contemporary Art Matter?

08/25 - Starting a Business in Aspen - Perspectives from Aspen's Young Entrepreneurs.

08/17 - USA Pro Cycle Challenge - The Aspen Stage and Aspen Snowmass Women's Pro Stage Race.  Mark Joseph, Aspen Technical Director for the Race
Jessica Phillips, 2002 National Road Champion and 2009 National Time Trial Champion.

08/10 - Dr. Keith Stewart, Dean for Research Professor of Cancer Research - Mayo Clinic in Arizona

08/03 - Aspen Sojourner, Nancy Mayer, Publisher Michael Miracle, Editor

07/25 - The Owner of the EMPIRE STATE BUILDING, Tony Malkin; and Armory Lovins, Chairman and Chief Scientist of The Rocky Mountain Institute

07/20 - Jean-Philippe Malaty, Executive Director Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

07/13 - David Dreman of Dreman Value Management.

07/05 - Walter Isaacson, CEO - The Aspen Institute.

06/24 - Alan Fletcher, President and CEO, Aspen Music Festival and School

06/21 - Dr. Kirk Johnson, with THE SHOWMASTODON PROJECT, a presentation of amazing finds in Snowmass

06/12 - Christina Grdovic, Vice President and Publisher - Food & Wine Magazine

06/05 - Read about Aspen Business Luncheon in Aspen Business Journal View article

04/22 - The Mayoral and City Candidates Forum, moderated by Steve Wickes

04/13 - The Aspen Community Plan - What it means to Business in Aspen

04/06 - Dr. Melvin Spira, Plastic Surgeon To The World

03/30 - The Aspen Historical Society with Georgia Hanson, Executive Director

03/23 - Houston Cowan, Co-Founder and CEO of Challenge Aspen. Making possibilities for people with disabilities.

03/16 - Boogie Weinglass, His Stories, His Life, His Generosity.

03/09 - Logan Hood, Executive Director, Koman Aspen, and Riggs Klicka, Executive Director, Aspen Cancer Center.

03/02 - Gram Slaton, Executive Director, Wheeler Opera House.

02/23 - Steve Ayers, Pitkin County Coroner since 1988.  Aspen Valley Hospital Emergency Physician, Aspen Valley Hospital Basalt After Hours Clinic Medical Director.  Interviewed by Terry Hale.

02/16 - John Bennett, Executive Director of For the Forest, a non profit organization that promotes the health and sustainability of Western forests.  Mayor of Aspen in the 1990s.

02/09 - Jim DeFrancia, CHINA FROM A PENTAGON INSIDER:  A Washington, DC expert on the US Navy and the US relationship to China.  Court Appointed Receiver for Base Village and Dancing Bear.    View news article  #1   View news article  #2

02/02 - Bill Tomcich, Stay Aspen Snowmass:  The whole story about airline travel into Aspen, and the behind the scenes story of the hotel business in Aspen.

01/26 - Jerry Greenwald, Chairman emeritus of United Airlines and co-founder and managing partner of Greenbriar Equity Group.  View news article  #1   View news article  #2

01/19 - Dr. Robert Eckel, LIPIDS AND HEART DISEASE - CHOLESTEROL: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - AND BEYOND.

01/12 - Klaus Obermeyer, the foremost expert on ski industry clothing.  THE HISTORY OF A SKI ENTHUSIAST - His Story.

01/05 - Mike Marolt, High-Altitude Ski Mountaineer "SKIING EVEREST".


2010 Luncheon Archives

12/29 - Harvey Mackey, Author of Swim with the Sharks without Being Eaten Alive. Six #1 NY Times bestsellers. - View news article

12/22 - Amanda Boxtel,  Co-Founder of Challenge Aspen - Her Story - View news article

12/15 - Amy Margerum, Executive Vice President, The Aspen Institute
The Story of The Aspen Institute.

12/10 - Chris Klug, Olympic Snowboarder - To the Edge and Back.  Founder of Summit For Life.

12/01 - Peter McBride, Photographer and Jonathan Waterman, Author
Colorado River Flowing Through Conflict

11/24 - Auden Schendler, Vice President of Sustainability at Aspen Skiing Company

11/17 - News from the City of Aspen

10/27 - Tax reduction measures: Colorado Amendments 60, 61 and Proposition 101 - View news article

10/20 - Aspen Art Museum controversy

10/13 - State Senator Candidates Debate - Bob Rankin and Gail Schwartz - View news article

10/06 - Chris Davenport and Tony Caine - the business of fun

09/29 - Darryl Grob, Fire Chief, Aspen Fire District

09/22 - Hidden Gems Debate - Scott Fitzwilliams, Forest Supervisor, White River National Forest
     Tony Fisher, President, White River Forest Alliance
     Will Roush, Hidden Gems Community Organizer, Wilderness Workshop

09/15 - Scott Kasin and Dr. Greg Feinsinger

09/08 - County Commissioners Debate - Jack Johnson and Rob Ittner

09/01 - Elizabeth Milias, Activist

08/25 - John Oates - The Business of Music

08/18 - William Mayer, Chairman Emeritus, The Aspen Institute

08/11 - Chip Comins, AREDay

08/04 - Phil Verleger, Economist

07/28 - Amory Lovins, Chief Scientist, The Rocky Mountain Institute

07/21 - Peter Wallison, American Enterprise Institute

07/14 - Mike Kaplan, CEO Skico

07/07 - David Ressler, CEO Aspen Valley Hospital

06/30 - Charles Cunniffe, Renowned Architect

06/23 - Jim Horowitz, CEO Jazz-Aspen




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Mountain Chalet
12:30 PM


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